I created a 404 page that made me $450 in affiliate revenue last month. So cool!

Hey all! I thought this was a pretty cool story. I figured it would be fun to share it here!

* I created a 404 page that allows you to ‘scan’ websites for website builders.
* The website builders all have affiliate links in it 🎉


Anybody else got some cool 404 examples?

PS: How I did it:

1. I built the website scanner.
2. I signed up for all the affiliate programs I could find (for example, Wix, Squarespace, Divi, Elementor and so on)
3. If someone clicks on the ‘result’ of a scanned website, be basically clicks on an affiliate link
4. If somebody purchases the website builder they clicked on, I get a commission.

  1. I put in a site I did with Elementor and it said this site wasn’t built with a page builder. Another Elementor site said it was made with Gutenberg. But really cool idea. What’s your process for scanning the sites?


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