I did a bit of reading and decided that when I need 301 redirects, I would rather not use a plugin but write the appropriate Redirect lines into my .htaccess directly. Is there such a thing as “too many” redirects for a single site?

Hello, basically the title says it all. I decided that “yet another” plugin was just unnecessary when the task of appending 1 line to an .htaccess file in notepad and then uploading it to my server’s /var/www/html using sftp is simple enough.

So, each time I screw up a page category before publishing and I need to fix the link so that my email notification recipients will have a working link, I

1) download my latest .htaccess from the server (again, using SFTP and private keys);

2) append to it something like:

Redirect 301 /2023/03/12/uncategorized/25205/ https://mysitedomain.com/2023/03/12/jokes/25205/

3) Save the updated file and upload it back to my server;

4) and finally, try the old link to verify the redirect is working.

This seems efficient enough. My question though, is…. how many redirects are “too many” for one site? I’m not super worried I would be anywhere near such a limit (I certainly *hope not* anyway), but I’m curious if the length of the .htaccess file makes any difference to page load speeds. I’m only at 17 right now! Lol


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