I have been given control of our WP website after our web agency shut down. What’s next?

I am a small business owner, and our web agent is shutting down. Which means that they transferred our website (it’s a custom WordPress site) to me. I have access to the server, the domains and the WP admin; all good. Now, for a guy who started HTML and CSS as a hobby a month ago, understanding how to manage a server and a website is a steep learning curve. Actually, there’s not even any HTML that I can see! Only PHP! So far, I have:
Updated the WP core

* Updated the plugins
* Set everything to auto-update
* Checked the SSL

Some questions I have:

1. Some of the plugins used are outdated (i.e. “appear to be abandoned”). How much of an issue is this?
2. Do I need to know some PHP for maintenance? Or is everything manageable from the WP dashboard?

Thanks for any help and insight you might be able to provide.

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  1. Abandoned plugins are a big problem. Find out what that plugin does and replace it asap.

    Log into the site at least once and month and update everything that needs updating.

    For just maintaining a site, you don’t need to know PHP. Doesn’t hurt to know some though.

    Install Wordfence to receive alerts about any issues.


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