I have to remake a website with a new theme

I have to totally remake an organization’s website with a new theme. Is it possible to keep the old version of the website up (with its old theme) while I create new pages for the new website design (using the new theme)?

  1. You can also use elementor for specific those page design you want. There is nothing to need more install theme and you need to install elementor and choose your page to design published them that it.

  2. Do not create your new site in a live environment. Create a development/staging site. Many hosts have some sort of functionality to quickly create a staging site, but if yours doesn’t just make a backup of your site and install it on a subdomain (e.g. [staging.yourdomain.com](https://staging.yourdomain.com)).

    Once the new theme is created on the staging site & you’ve added new pages/content, just go to Tools > Export to export the pages.

    Then on the new site go to Tools > Import (to import your new content) and install/activate the new theme.


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