I need help finding a theme, please

I work for a very small charity and was recently out sick for a while, when I came back, someone had changed the website and made it worse. They changed the theme and we can’t find it again. I’ve asked our hosting company if they had it in a backup but they don’t and we didn’t keep our own backup. I’m in the process of sorting that out now.

I know that the theme was a nicepage theme and I’ve searched but with no luck. I’m wondering if there’s any chance someone might recognise it if I upload a screenshot taken from the wayback machine?

It’s all I have to go on at the moment and I’m not a web developer so I’m just trying to do my best with limited experience.

Thanks in advance.

  1. I know you’re not a web person… but there is a small chance the theme will have stored it’s options in the database – and you could find it that way.

    You can usually get there through your host -> cPanel and PHPMyAdmin. Look at the wp-options table and just page through until you find a ‘theme’ option, or even an option with your theme name…

  2. If you have a link to it in the wayback machine we can probably figure out the theme from the source code.

    Also check the files on the server – specifically /wp-content/themes/

  3. It looks to be a custom theme built with nicepage.com. Your theme name is HHversion. Most likely gone for good.

  4. Theme is [https://themesinfo.com/hh-theme-theme-wordpress-cfx4s](https://themesinfo.com/hh-theme-theme-wordpress-cfx4s) looking at View Source <link rel=”stylesheet” id=”theme-style-css” href=”https://web.archive.org/web/20220128142043cs_/https://www.abbeyleixheritage.com/wp-content/themes/HHVersionTheme/style.css?ver=1.0″ type=”text/css” media=”all”/>


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