I need help to improve my newborn website.

Hello! I recently opened a store, and following a tutorial, I created a website. But it is too basic and I want to add a few functionalities (some are quite important) and other stuff.Is someone available to teach/guide me towards making my webstore stand out a bit more?

Update adding the things i need help with (most of them are not necessary yet):
\-A page before the Home page, notifying who enters that the website is 18+Only, and they can enter either as guests or by signing in
\-A twitter window on the home page, showing the latest post(s)
\-at the moment, the products simply have an “Add To Cart” button, but -like on etsy- i want to make drop buttons that let customers choose size, painted/unpainted, and other options, while automatically updating the price.
\-a button in the middle of the header that lights up when i am live painting on picarto
\-quality of life settings like language, currency, unit of measure
\-an auction system
\-customer account and the relative page
\-customers can sign a product as favorite
\-offer timers
\-product tags
\-when ordering, if the order surpasses 150$, shipping cost is reduced to 0
\-when ordering, customers can add a tip
\-paypal payment
\-easter eggs
\-some codes only work if a product has a certain size or if it is painted

  1. It sounds you need to hire someone for this. Otherwise, google & youtube are your best friends.

  2. >newborn website

    Looks like a language barrier, as well. Google isn’t going to give you anything useful if you aren’t using the correct technical terms. And unfortunately, a large chunk of web dev content is exclusively in English. It sucks, I know.


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