I wanna teach wordpress

Hi there, im looking to teach someone WordPress web design. Ill do it for **FREE** just to validate my teaching skills. in 3 hours ill teach everything needed to design and host a professional looking/feeling website. please message me here if you are interested. Have a great day ahead.

Check out my plan

# 5-Hour WordPress Web Design Course Plan

# Session 1: Introduction to WordPress (1 Hour)

* **Introduction to WordPress**: Brief history and importance.
* **WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org**: Differences and advantages.
* **Setting Up WordPress**:
* How to choose a hosting provider.
* Domain name registration.
* Installing WordPress.
* **Dashboard Overview**: Introduction to the WordPress dashboard and its features.

# Session 2: Themes and Plugins (1 Hour)

* **Choosing a Theme**:
* Free vs. premium themes.
* How to install and activate a theme.
* Customizing the theme (basic customization).
* **Essential Plugins**:
* What are plugins?
* How to install and activate plugins.
* Must-have plugins for every website (SEO, security, performance).

# Session 3: Creating Content (1 Hour)

* **Posts vs. Pages**:
* Differences and when to use each.
* **Creating a Post**:
* Writing and formatting posts.
* Adding images and media.
* Using categories and tags.
* **Creating Pages**:
* Setting up key pages (Home, About, Contact).
* Using page builders (introduction to Elementor or similar).

# Session 4: Customization and SEO (1 Hour)

* **Menus and Widgets**:
* Setting up and customizing navigation menus.
* Using widgets to add functionality to sidebars and footers.
* **Basic SEO**:
* Introduction to SEO.
* Using an SEO plugin (e.g., Yoast SEO).
* Creating SEO-friendly content.
* **Custom CSS**: Introduction to custom CSS for further customization.

# Session 5: Website Management and Optimization (1 Hour)

* **Website Security**:
* Importance of website security.
* Basic security practices.
* Using security plugins.
* **Website Performance**:
* Importance of website speed.
* Tips for optimizing website performance.
* Using caching plugins.
* **Backup and Maintenance**:
* Importance of regular backups.
* How to backup your WordPress site.
* Regular maintenance tasks to keep your site running smoothly.

# Bonus: Extra 2 Hours Free Sessions (On Demand)

* **Advanced Customization**:
* Custom post types.
* Custom fields.
* **E-commerce Integration**:
* Introduction to WooCommerce.
* Setting up an online store.

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  1. This “real person” has a 2 year old account with no karma, has never participated in this sub, and claims they will teach you everything in 3 hours – it’ll only take 5-7 hours!

    I wouldn’t trust anyone who can’t be bothered to proofread their post before they spam it across reddit.


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