Noob Question: How can I make each non-Home page have different hero page/background/message/formatting?

For example, when I publish ‘About Us’, ‘Services’, ‘Contact Us’ the hero part of the pages all share the same background image, special message, etc. If I change the special message to ABC123 on the About Us page, this same message shows up on the Services and Contact Us page as well.

How could I change this so that each message on each page is different (e.g. on the About Us page it says “Here’s everything to know about us”, on the Contact Us page it says “Here’s our contact info”, on the Service page it says “Here’s the services we offer”)?

The only thing that differentiates each page is the page Title, which I can edit in “Edit Page” but I cannot change anything outside of the title.

If anyone knows any documentation, tutorials, etc. please share. This is probably simpler than I’m making it, but I unfortunately cannot find anything to resolve my issue. Thank you for any feedback or insight

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