I want to send a simple monthly maintenance digest to my clients

I manage about a dozen WordPress sites for my clients. I perform monthly maintenance for each and provide a simple email digest with the details. When it was just 2 clients, manually tracking the details in a spreadsheet and copying/pasting in Mailchimp was easy enough. However, it’s time to automate some of this and I am looking into different solutions. I’m thinking a simple solution would be a custom post type and then utilize RSS to Email with Mailchimp.

If anyone does something similar, I’d love to hear your setup.

  1. This is a great time to learn about APIs. Use Mailchimps API and create a custom email from say a form on your WP site.

    Not only is it good for your clients, you’ll pickup confidence with a skill you can use on client sites to automate more of their business.

  2. What’s going in the maintenance log? Is it actual tracked time on things, or just lists of plugins updates and such?

    A cheap and efficient solution might be something like ManageWP – https://managewp.com/

    I haven’t used their reporting feature but I know it can do some of it, automated.


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