I’d like to be able to manually create a few front-end users who can log in and see select Gravity Form submissions. What would you recommend to achieve this?

I’ve never done any sort of front-end user login before, nor this type of work with Gravity Forms, so this use case is new to me.

Breaking down the requirements:

1) I’ll be manually creating users (they will never be creating their own account), and I’d like for them to be able to log in. Users will be “Project Owners” associated with different “Projects”.

2) Once logged in, I’d like for them to be able to view only select Gravity Form submissions (ones associated with their “Project”).

And my questions:

1) What’s the best way to create these users? Any great plugins? Ideally a no-code solution with basic capabilities (I create user, user is notified of account creation, user has forget password/update password capabilities on their own, etc.). Minimal metadata may be associated with these users, perhaps simply enough to create ‘permissions’ for form submission visibility (see #2 below).

2) Any thoughts on how to achieve the second requirement? There’s a plugin called GravityKit that has [“Advanced Filtering” capabilities](https://www.gravitykit.com/extensions/advanced-filter/) that may work here. It seems I can create a filtered “view” based on certain criteria so only a user with field Project = Project1 sees form submissions where perhaps a hidden form field is Project = Project1 (and then insert that view to a page via shortcode). Though this is a paid plugin and I want to weigh all options before paying for something.


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  1. You could create a custom user role but I think it might be easier to display the entries on the front-end, only to logged in users and filtered to show their own entries of course.


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