If my client has a Website already, where do I build the website before replacing it with mine?

Recently started using WordPress and since I work in an hotel my boss is intrested in me making him a new website, the one thing I dont understand is, since he has a website already right now where do I build the website before changing the one he has right now with mine? (I want to completely build first so his website has no downtime). in a local installation of wordpress? but I work 50% from my desktop and 50% from my macbook so the local installation wouldnt be the best solution for me. Or I should buy a test domain to build website there?

I tried to search online and on reddit but I couldnt find the answer.

  1. Check your host provider and see if they offer site staging. This is where you clone the live site to a subdomain and then edit the site to your liking while the live site stays live. Then once your done, you push the staging site to the live site, which writes over it.

  2. Hosting on AWS Lightsail costs $3.50/month. The first three months are free. That’s plenty of time to build a site for free.

  3. I normally create sub domains and work there. so projectname.mydomain.com. back that up and migrate it to the live site when ready.

  4. How long will it take you? $5 VPS spun up for a month lets you work on it from either computer and let the boss see it.

    I actually have a $10 development VPS. Nice part is it is configured with all the same settings as the VPSs I deploy for clients (other than one that is running cPanel)

  5. If you have to ask that question maybe you shouldn’t be building one. You can either do it offline by certain tools or live online under a new sub domain or domain.


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