After update to v2.0.2, all my forum topics go to 404 page

Not sure if this is the issue, but your pages have tones of errors.

Press F12 and see your browser console. and fix them.

Also you have some kind of optimizations for the pages and that could be an issue.

Not related. This errors are caused by ezoic plugin, because they are having some kind of problem at the moment. I tried to disable ezoic plugin, the errors are gone, but wpForo 404 is still there.

I have checked, using my browser history, that the URLs have not changed

For example, this morning I was reading and commenting here:

And now if I go to this URL I get the 404 message.

Something happened with wpForo’s configuration after update to v2 and now it cannot resolve these URLs.

Btw, I tried to delete all caches, and nothing happened.

Should I try the option “rebuild threads”???

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I tried this combination that I read somewhere, and no luck:

Update Topics Statistic
Rebuild Threads
Synch User Profiles
Update Forums Statistic
Delete All Caches

Might be obvious, but have you tried refreshing your permalinks?

Settings > Permalinks > Click the “Save Changes” button twice.


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