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Hey @yidaki,

I see? Did you do some ‘protecting’ at the site too? That made debugging a bit hard. But I see now that there actually ís an image in the listing but when there is only text we let a bit of the text ‘fade away’ when you use the Read more function.

I can make a solution for this, but that requires me to make a new release.

In the mean time you can fix it yourself by putting this in the customizer’s Custom CSS panel:

.name_directory_readmore_target img {
  display: none; 

.name_directory_readmore_state:checked ~ .name_directory_readmore_wrap .name_directory_readmore_target img {
 display: block;

Please let me know if this works for you!

Kind regards,

Jeroen Peters

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Sorry about the protecting. But you could actually solve it. Thank you very much. You can’t buy anything with a thank you, but you could tell me where I can send you a cup of coffee.
Cheers, and big thanks again. yidaki

Hi @yidaki,

that is very thoughtful! I actually have a page for buying coffee haha. It’s located on

I am glad that it has helped you, the page looks great!

Kind regards,

Jeroen Peters


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