Improving Core Web Vitals on WordPress

Hi guys!

I passed CWVs until mid-June this year and now I cannot seem to improve it. I have a score in the 90s for desktop and scores of 50-70 on mobile. The major issue seems to be LCP, which is 5.1s on mobile and 1.3s on desktop.

I’m hosted with Pressidium. I’m currently using the Jnews theme with WPBakery, which has several speed settings/options. I’ve followed the documentation and enabled everything I could. I’ve disabled lazy loading (Forced “normal loading” as per the theme documentation) for the hero image on the home page

I’m using Autoptimize to speed things up and that helps greatly on desktop but not on mobile for some reason. Have also run into an issue in which Autoptimize when enabled causes my site’s logo and images on the homepage to load for several seconds before appearing. If Autoptimize is off, no issue.

I use Shortpixel to optimise images and serve them on next-gen formats too.

I’ve tried changing lots of different settings, but I can’t seem to improve things anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve compiled a couple of screenshots with my Pagespeed insights results here, including opportunities etc: [](

Any help would greatly be appreciated as this has been pretty stressful to try and fix. Thanks!

  1. Hi,
    The issue could be your hosting provider as well. If you have done everything to improve your website CWV but still unable to see any improvement, the your hosting provider could be the reason to review.

  2. Does your site actually load okay on mobile? If so, I wouldn’t worry about the scores.

  3. Make sure there are no JavaScript errors on the page. WP Engine offers the best hosting environment for WordPress websites. Using WP Bakery is a bit of a red flag if speed is a concern. I recommend WP Rocket over Autoptimize. Eliminate page builders if possible.

  4. Ok, I was able to find the URL of your site, let’s speed this up:

    1. The netdna CDN links are redirecting back to the site. This is resulting in a redirect penalty. If your server is close to your target market consider removing the CDN or fixing the CDN links if you want to keep the CDN. If the CDN is added by the host you made need to reach out to support to get that fixed. If you receive under 100 visits daily it may not be worthwhile using a CDN.

    2. Autoptimize is serving CSS over php instead of static files which is slower and results in the browser rechecking those files due to the PHP browser cache settings. As the site probably gets a lot of subsequent page views it will be faster overall to disable CSS optimization completely in autoptimize, allowing the browser to download the CSS and store it in the browser’s cache for subsequent page views.

    3. There is a script URL from the mediavine-control-panel plugin? that is empty which results in the page being visited re-downloaded. Might need to get a developer to dequeue the mv-script-wrapper script or check what’s happening there.

    It will take up to 4 weeks for the above changes to have an impact on the average CWV field metrics. Bear in mind CWV is a very light weight ranking factor so you probably won’t notice any difference in terms of rankings but it’s worth fixing the above to improve the user experience. It’s possible it may need further tweaks to improve the LCP after these changes.


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