Inserting site title/name into footer template part

Sorry for the basic question (I am quite new to solely theme FSE) but can anyone kindly share with me how to insert the site title into a footer template part theme file?

I believe it should be possible with `<!– wp:site-title /–>` (?) but I haven’t managed to get it working so that it shows… 🤷‍♂️

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  1. Ah never mind, I’ve managed to get it working with the following:

    `<!– wp:group –>`

    `<div class=”wp-block-group”><!– wp:site-title /–><!– wp:site-tagline {“style”:{“spacing”:{“margin”:{“top”:”4px”}}}} /–></div>`

    `<!– /wp:group –>`

    I can play around with this now to get it how I want. I guess it must have needed to be inside a div which I was missing before… 😅


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