Interactive Storytelling Plugin

I’m looking for an interactive story telling solution for an accountability management platform. At key points of the story users have to make a decision or take an action. Then the next content element that they see will depend on this action.

I’ve done something similar before outside of wordpress as a discord bot. My client has a wordpres site and they’d like to keep it in there. I cannot find any existing plugins that do this. I’m looking for recommendations.

It must be possible for content to be any of:

* text with formatting and heading, ideally similar to other story telling solutions with the ability to create custom backgrounds etc.
* Pictures and Videos

The decisions would ideally me very flexible for example:

* A simple question with answer options such as multiple choice.
* A password that determines either failure, or progressing.
* A task eg. uploading an image or a file – which could then be reviewed and a reviewer would then assign the next path on the workflow.

Last but not least we’d ideally be able to store state in the story. eg. a user should be able to log out and back in and continue ot the point in the story where they left off.

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  1. Look for a quiz plugin – they will let you go to x, y, z based on answers.

    If you need more functionality – get an LMS – and create a course that does what you need – which will enable saving progress.


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