iPhone WordPress Credentials Don’t Last?

I’m so frustrated. I’m new to WordPress and… man, has it been such a slow learning curve. Everything seems very counterintuitive to me but I’m getting it piece by piece. My current problem is one that I cannot figure out with any type of google search.

* My website is set up with custom users.
* I added a test username and password to test out permissions using Memberpress Members – current version is 3.2.9.
* I am able to set permissions for a specific page to only allow visibility for “Subscriber” and the test username and password was set up as a “Subscriber”.
* My primary browser on my computer is Firefox and it works fine. I can log in and navigate to the other public pages and navigate back to the private “Subscriber” page and it keeps my credentials, recognizing me as that user.
* I also did this on Edge on my computer. Same working results.
* My buddy’s Android with Chrome works fine. I can log in using this test login and then navigate to the private page.

Now the Problem:

1. My iPhone 12 using both Chrome and Safari will allow me to navigate to the login page, use the username and password, it doesn’t reject the password, and also on occasion will pop up the banner at the top that says I am logged into that username. However, when I navigate from the public page with the login to the private page, it seems to lose my credentials and has no idea I’m logged in anymore – throwing a 404 error which is the proper behavior for when a user isn’t logged in with “Subscriber” credentials.
2. My spouse’s iPhone SE with Chrome has the same exact behavior as my iPhone 12.

Has anyone seen this before? It really seems like an iOS problem to me. Thanks in advance!


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