Is there any gallery plugin to show a group of images (in the lightbox) per each preview image? And possibly continuing to the next group at the end.

I have a situation of a complex portfolio (my portfolio) to show.
I have “projects” to show, and I want them shown in a regular grid gallery with 1 preview each.
But each of them refers to a group of images (around 2-5) each.
I want that when clicking on each project preview in the grid, it opens its own dedicated gallery with carousel, of those 2-5 images only.
And I would like that if the user keeps clicking to continue browsing when the carousel of that project is finished, it doesn’t loop back but it jumps to the next project with its next group of images (to not interrupt the navigation).

Does any plugin like this exist? I tried some but none even allows multiple separated lightboxes in a gallery, (let alone linking between them at the start and end of carousels…).

Let me know if you ever seen a solution for this, thanks!


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