Is this an irrational fear?

Hi Wp community,

I’m working on a media site using the J news theme.

My question is – during the intro development period the website will import a lot of demo content, and its going to take me some time to make quality content to fill the site up (est at least a month).

During that period, am I going to have permanent SEO ramifications from the fact my site will be dog shit SEO wise for about a month while I work endlessly to get it built out, or am I just creating a problem in my head thats not real?

I have looked for this answer, and cant seem to find it.

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  1. If the site is being developed locally on a client e.g. laptop, desktop, no it won’t impact SEO. If you plan on making changes by deploying it to a server or a host that’s publicly accessible, deploy it to a staging site that’s behind basic HTTP auth for example. This protects the site from being crawled and indexed. Once it’s ready to go-live, push it across into production.


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