It took me a while, but I’m starting to really like Gutenberg.

Came from Divi and I’m working on my first project with just Gutenberg. It’s far from perfect, but so much faster than other page builders I used. Once you set up reusable blocks and your own css classes it’s pretty fast to work with..


  1. the best thing about modern WP (Gutenberg is a project name, this is now the system) is that the post_content can now easily be converted to objects with specific attributes. Trust me, when migrating in or out this really helps. Also ensures that headless can work, dumping a html blob into a JS frontend is painful.

    Fuck all the naysayers, Gutenberg is great.

  2. I love Gutenberg with any of the various custom blocks that tie in with ACF now. I’ve been using Kadence Blocks pro a lot lately.

  3. I’m handcoding my own website’s theme (it’s a blog) and I’m using Gutenberg to write my blogs. Super easy and smooth.

  4. You’d be surprised how many agencies won’t touch GB. Like I get the hobbyist not wanting to spend time learning it new – but an agency avoiding it is crazy.

    I’ve been in some heated discussions where folks say they tried it and it sucked and they cite something GB doesn’t do well, except it’s something that was fixed 2 years ago…

  5. I don’t use Gutenberg because I don’t see the need. Gutenberg may be getting better and better, but so are the other tools.

  6. I’m not a big fan of change disrupting my workflow but I’ve loved Gutenberg from day one.

  7. Comparing with the old editor, I love Gutenberg. I’ve been using it since before it became official editor and as of now, as a blog writer/editor, Gutenberg is sooo good and easy to teach new writer to use it.

    I love the blocks system.

  8. I built a couple custom blocks and the learning curve seemed pretty high. I spent a good day or two trying to resolve inconsistent save and edit states. Any pointers or learning material other than the docs you can recommend?


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