Tips/resources for creating a nice-looking links and resources page?

Hello all,

I work for a small nonprofit and would like to create a better “links and resources” page which would feature both external links, and download links for our own informational documents. Ideally this page would be separated into a few different categories. I am aiming for something a bit more visually interesting than just a standard list of links under bold headings.

I have been searching around for ideas on how to do this but am having trouble even finding the right search terms to use! Wondering if anyone can share any tips, resources or guides that might help me out? My wordpress knowledge is fairly basic but I am fairly experienced at the old “learn a thing using the internet” technique.

I would greatly appreciate anything that can point me in the right direction!


P.S. I know advertising specific plugins is against rule 1, but if you know of any that would suit my needs and want to PM me that would also be very helpful 🙂

  1. I’ve done this for a couple of non-profits.

    For one, I used Advanced Custom Fields – created a custom post type – added some extra fields (like publication date / file upload etc.) – made a template for the post type – and it worked like a blog (archive page with grid, search via wordpress etc.)

    This is much easier to do with a theme that works with ACF (generatepress, kadence, Bricks, etc.)

    For the other, I used wp download manager. It’s a bit tricky, lacks a little polish, but it will do exactly what you want and has a more advanced search (e.g. by author, by type etc.).


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