Latest update triggered “Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue”

Hello @awol,
That’s weird, everything works fine on our installs.

Please tell me:
1. Did you also updated the theme to the latest version?
2. Are you using the Blocksy Companion Pro on this install?

Waiting a reply from you.

Hey @awol,

After a closer investigation, this error happened due to the fact that we removed the Freemius SDK from the free version of the Blocksy Companion plugin. The SDK from the previous version (that was still loaded on your site), during the update process, tried to require a file that already wasn’t in place, which triggered the error that you saw.

This error is appearing only during the update process and doesn’t affect your website. Also, for future updates, this will not happen again as it was a one time action from our side.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Next time when we make such a change we will put in place additional checks to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Hope you understand us right.


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