Looking for a theme and plugins to suit my need

Hey, im a beginner wordpress developer and have started my first project but the project was a bit tricky so came here to ask for some suggestions. Im going to make a ecommerce+logistic website which has similar functions as a normal e commerce website with slight changes as follows:

* There are only 10 products of us which is selled in terms of weight. When a customer order the purchase should be mixture of those 10 product in 20 tons, 40 tons, etc(coz the products is sent as a container \~ 20 ton)
* The payment is to pay a certain amount as advance and the rest payed up once reached the client
* There is order status and payment status(i think this is covered by woocomerce , so no worries about it)
* Also to upload multiple documents for each order for shipping customs
* And 3 user roles to check on status and update in different level(employee(admin), shipper agent and client)

Is there any theme and plugin that satisfies these needs. Also though i know some html and css , i prefer it to be non coding required theme.Any suggestion please.


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