WordPress Design and Development Suggestions

Hello WordPress Afficionados,

I am in the process of redesigning/redeveloping a massive news/reviews website. Seeing that the three big news themes are on sale and “promise” being able to build whatever I want, I need your advice to help me understand which would be a better decision from these three, or a completely different solution.

PS Admins, feel free to edit my flair, if I didn’t do it right.

If you have built big news websites of the likes of TheVerge, AndroidAuthority, CNet etc. or something similar, I would greatly appreciate your opinion and advice here.

**Options for themes:**

* NewsPaper 12
* JNews (seems a bit limiting)
* Generate Press
* Other themes/builders/solutions outside this realm

**Factors to consider:**

* Customizability: How far can I customize the visual design language and how easy it is to do so. I.e. being able to build a header however I want, setting different post types, design styles, layouts and more, drag-and-drop, avoiding custom code as much as possible.
* List of features they come preloaded with – paywall, future proof features, dark mode, multilingual support, ecommerce support and more.
* Development: I might later want to hire a developer to add features to these themes and the builders they work with (e.g. Elementor etc.) These features would be custom developed as USPs for the website.
* Support, Value for Money, Reliability: How valuable are these investments for the future? Can I redesign my website in the same theme in the future? How are the respective customer support teams? How reliable are the themes, their plugins (in case of NewsPaper – TagDiv builder for example), the updates and more.
* Other factors, you have any in mind.

Thank you.


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