Looking for a way to present a Document library. A folder like structure, with a list of files and download links.

Hey there,

I’m working on a new WordPress site and one of the things I’m looking to present to the visitor is a file explorer kind of thing.

We have a ton of PDF files that we want to share. It’s mostly fiscal and law related documents and “boring” material that is free and for public consumption (specifically for people that work in public institutions).

I understand there’s plugins out there, that allow files to be listed inside a post or page. For example, [WP Attachments](https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-attachments/) offers that functionality.

But it’s not what I’m looking for. You see, for the amount of documents we might have, there’s no point creating a separate post with a title and a description, etc. for each file. I’m looking for something that we can update quickly. Drag and drop the new file, assign its categories and boom, done.

Have you done anything like this? Do you have any suggestions?

Please share your ideas. Much appreciated.

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  1. You could create a custom post type, disable post editor, excerpt, featured image etc. Then you can add the file with title, set category and save.

    Despite what you say above, this is likely the easiest and best way. It allows you to list them and search etc. using native WP functions. You can use Advance Custom Fields to add a file-upload to the post.

    Or leave the editor enabled and just drop the PDF into the post content.

    Then a simple search and filter plugin gives you a way to easily find the docs.


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