[HELP!] I have spent HOURS trying to fix this theme for use in Elementor

I have spent hours trying to remedy issues with my current template. It uses Aheto and Elementor primarily and when I try to edit the site, I get these errors pasted across the top and on the base website. Everything is updated, I’ve tried disabling plugins, changing settings, etc…. I really need some help to remedy this or to know where to look. Thanks in advance.


Code in question:


  1. Who do you have hosting through? I only ask because I had something similar happen a few weeks back and it was on my hosting (GoDaddy) side. It was an error where my css was unreadable and after hours of trying to fix it, I reached out to my hosting and it was a wait till they fixed there servers on their end.

    Please note this may not be your issue and I am by no means anywhere close to an expert, but that was my experience.

  2. Stabbing in the dark a bit as I actively avoid elementor and have never used that theme. But it looks like it might be one of three things. That theme isn’t properly installed and is missing files. You are using a shortcode but have a garbage character or value set in it. That theme isn’t compatible with your PHP setup.

    Backup the site and then:

    1. Try removing the theme and installing from scratch. Try disabling all other plugins to make sure it’s not a conflict.
    2. Remove any shortcodes from the page to test it.
    3. check php version. If it’s 8+, try going back to 7.4. If changing versions doesn’t help, make sure you have enough memory allocated (256M+), and sufficent environment variables (php_max_vars = 4000+ / max_execution_time = 90+)

    If you’re still early in the process, try using a good theme or builder, like Astra / Kadence / Bricksy / Bricks / blockpress / GeneratePress / Spektra / Greenshift

    Elementor is a bit of a mess and theme/plugin clashes not uncommon.


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