Loyalty plugin for a physical store. I’ll buy you a coffee.

Hello everyone, i own an agency that makes websites for business owners.

I have been trying to find a loyalty program plugin to integrate in all of the websites i make.

I don’t want it to only work when a customer is buying online, i want it to also have the possibility to quickly and easily assign points to a customer that bought products in a physical store, without the business owner having to write down all the emails/accounts and send them to me to assign them.

For now i have only found “GamiPress”, which has a function to assign points for clicking on a link or pressing a button, so the solution would be to make the business owner print a qr code and make the customers scan it every time they make a purchase to get the points.

Is there any other plugin you know of that can integrate physical store purchases more easily that this method?

If you know/find any i’ll happily buy you a coffee via paypal or whatever you prefer.


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