Made a VPS now python script throws a 301 moved permanently error?

I had been trying to set up a VPS and finally go it done, everything is working in terms of the site.

The script is a auto poster that uses wordpress\_xmlrpc. I have tried the Rest API and got different errors, but this used to work on the website when it was hosted differently so I would rather stick with it.

So I just tried to run my python script that worked on the old website not on a VPS and get this error:

`wordpress_xmlrpc.exceptions.ServerConnectionError: <ProtocolError for` [``]( `301 Moved Permanently`

I have looked it up and have found a few options on how to fix it but cant figure out how to employ those, yet. Like [this](

Is the linked fix the best? If not, what else can I do? And if the linked fix is a good one, are the files the fix outlines stored on the VPS or can I access them with my admin panel?


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