Web Devs, code/animation help?

Im no web dev, im just a designer but am keen to learn a bit more about it. But in the mean time, I was wondering how i would code my site to get this effect on a WordPress site (examples are WordPress i think too)…

Shown on these two sites- [Deveb](https://deveb.co/) and [gold coast web design](https://thriveweb.com.au/?gclid=CjwKCAiAoL6eBhA3EiwAXDom5v0gxU0nU0XKo3-qZCsBBWkqNvrgylY33pnwhAAgAbYSJfj57O2c4xoCsncQAvD_BwE) is a cursor animation where the cursor has been changed to a circle and it has (what i would describe as) a lag? This is especially cool cos it changes size, shape and colour when it hovers over something.

Anyone have any tips on how i would go about doing this? even if you have any video recommendations, i literally don’t know what to search.

  1. The sites you linked are using really modern tools. If you want to learn how to make something like this, you’ll need to be willing to learn to code. These visuals are a mix of things.

    The first site is built using NextJS, which is a full blown application framework built on-top of React. It’s very well done and meshes a number of technologies. React is a JavaScript framework that is perfect for complex projects like the one you linked. The concept that powers Deveb is the site reacts to the user scrolling. Inside of there, the site is using a number of different technologies to display different things based on the scroll value.

    Just right click the page, hit inspect element on the header area and scroll the page, you’ll see a bunch of values updating in real time.

    https://nextjs.org/ – really an awesome tool. very complex and you’ll need to know a lot of stuff to be able to use it.

    Now, could you do this on wordpress? Not with any wordpress based editor or tool that I know of. There might be some themes or plugins that would give you a few of the features but you have to realize that the site you linked was designed and developed by teams of professionals using very modern tools.

    You could design something like this and connect it to or embed it into a wordpress site.

    The second link using a HTML Canvas tag with a physics simulation.

    There are plenty of videos on youtube showing people coding these kinds of things from scratch. You can check them out and see if coding like that is something that interests you.


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