Malware cleanup advice

I’m in quite the pickle and am at a loss for any options I have. I desperately need some advice. Tbh I wana throw up..

I have 2 shared hosting contracts with a provider. I’ve got close to 60 sites between the 2. I got hit with the essential plugin for elementor exploit on a hand full of them and unfortunately it quickly spread to other sites as well (including non WordPress sites). It’s modified some core files.. and added a lot of random php files scattered allover and is inconsistent between sites.

I can’t seem to get ahead to clean them up before they get infected again (and I’m not 100% sure they are getting fully cleaned)

The hosting provider only has a few days of backups they claim, so it doesn’t help me.

I’m panicking and don’t have a plan on how or what to do other than bury my head in the sand.

I don’t have $ for any kind of professional service to try to clean this mess (and idk how they’d do it either)

Any advice on a plug-in that can do a clean but also possibly help limit / contain exposure? Before I shell out $ for a premium plugin.. I tried free versions of a few and it found some infected files but doesn’t seem to have found them all.

Anyone have any suggestions or advice on how I could possibly go about this? Other than rebuilding 60 websites in a new environment and transfer domains etc 😩


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