Memcached | How Do We Know It’s Working?

Hello @generosus,

The Memcached service, which is part of our plugin spawns a new Memcached process for your account which will be owned by your Site Tools user. The service is rather straightforward and I think this is one of the reasons why there is no additional information available:

Connection (IP Address, Port) – We use the default setup for the service which is listed under the User Area (IP address:, Port: 11211)

Cache Hit Ratio: As long as the cached object exist in the memory utilized by the service the cache ratio is 100%.

Uptime: The service is connected to a stand-alone process that is associated with the account itself. As long as the account is active and the service is running the uptime will be 100%.

Memory Allocation: The current setup that we use allocates 64MB’s of memory for the storage and operation of the service. As long as you do not generate queries that result in output greater than the mentioned value they will be stored in the allocated memory.

Nevertheless, I will pass the inquiry to our developers for further review and ask if those stats can be integrated as part of the plugin.

Best Regards,

Simeon Boev


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