Minimalist blog theme

Dear humans of reddit … I’m at my wits end. I’ve been running a wordpress site or two since 2006 or so. I update every few years, but it’s nothing fancy – a blog, a few static pages, that’s it.

All I want is something fast and clean, that I can customize a little, but that’s basically a blog-style page with a sidebar and the option of some sidebarless pages here and there.

So … I tried the twentytwentyfour theme and I feel like I’m going insane. Templates and patterns and blocks floating all over the place, menus being edited in one place popping up in a third place, dear lord. I just want text + pictures!

Is there a simple theme you’d recommend to replace the twentytwenty-child I’m currently running? It can be a paid theme.

Or perhaps a tutorial for setting up a basic blog with 2024?


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