Most basic template “system”?

Hi all. I am a freelance developer turned sysops/project manager type that is still contacted by friends occasionally to stand up a quick web property for their small business/side hustle/etc. As these usually don’t require much functionality I am delighted to help them out by setting up their hosting, domain, etc and I prefer to build them something on top of WordPress because it is more user-friendly for them to utilize in the future to add pages/blog posts / etc.

Recently I did this for a friend and it was the first time I have used WordPress in ages. I was impressed with the features of Gutenberg, but I had to fumble between tons of different templating systems and it seemed really inconsistent as far as which ones would let me edit the pages in Gutenberg, which templates would allow custom container attributes, etc. I eventually was able to tweak Frost + WPForms to accomplish what I was going for, but I never really found one that I could use as a “go-to” if I needed to do this in the future.

I would even be okay with a template system that required more advanced editing that was based on something like Semantic UI or Bootstrap, but allowed individual pages to have elements added via Gutenberg. Are there available resources that cater to this end? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


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