move? copy? redirect? New site to old address.

Earlier in the year our website (let’s call it, ‘’) became un-editable as Hostgator no longer supported the software that was used to make it, (Basekit Site Builder.) The site was, and still is, viewable, just un-editable.

So, to learn, I made a new subfolder named, installed WP, Elementor, Blocksy Theme and built a nice new website. The new website has 10 buttons that direct to different pages in the site, eg. TEMP.fruit/banana etc.

Now comes the time to make the ‘’ address, point to the new website. I wondering about the best way to do this.

1) Just change the address: ie. Somewhere in the WP setting for the new site, change the address from ‘’ to ‘’. How does this affect the links? Will the address at the top still say, ‘’ even if you click on ‘’.

2) Copy/clone the website to the other folder: In Hostgator, delete the contents of the ‘fruit’ folder, then install WP, Elementor, Blocksy theme and then copy/clone the ‘’ site to it. This seems like the safer better option, however I’m a bit nervous about how to go about deleting the contents of the original folder ‘’ folder.


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