Moving a site, issues i’ve never had before

Moving a site just like I always do.

moving from our project server ([]( to customer’s godaddy hosting ([](

Set wordpress and site address to the same: [](, then saved those changes.

Used interconnect search and replace to find []( and change to []( in the database.

uploaded files and imported database to godaddy cpanel hosting. First, divi had hard coded project URL into the files that are the head. so it was referencing our project server in css. Updated divi and that fixed itself.

Now images are trying to load from []( instead of []( and it’s breaking, they’re not loading. I can see this in the inspector. I’ve double checked the posts table, []( doesn’t exist anywhere.

I put in a redirect in cpanel for []( \-> [](

Still, in the inspector it will have background images for css using the non www url… what does this? I’ve never had it happen before. Everything works fine in firefox but not in chrome or edge.

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  1. The answer ended up being in divi. It creates et-cache files. I’m not sure how often it updates those, but i found when i grep’ed the folder i found the url string in those files. Clearing the cache, they disappeared and the inspector shows chrome using the correct url now.


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