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Hi @dimalifragis,

Trending Posts? As in the Trending section from the Stats screen on the admin dashboard?

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Yes exactly. I fail to replicate the same results. The Trend in my dashboard show 2 posts right now and the widget shows whatever … some same … some different, definitely not the same.

Try this:

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets > [Your Sidebar] > WordPress Popular Posts.
  2. Set Time Range to Custom, and save changes.
  3. You’ll see two new time-related fields. Set them as 1 Hour, then save changes.
  4. If you want your widget to display the exact same posts as the “Trending” section from the Stats screens then go to Settings > WordPress Popular Posts > Tools and set Data Caching to Never Cache. Keep in mind that this might have some performance impact on your website because your popular posts list will be updated in real-time (the popular posts data is not being cached anymore). If you have a low/mid traffic website this shouldn’t be an issue though.

Additionally, if you’re using a caching plugin:

  1. Go to Settings > WordPress Popular Posts > Tools.
  2. Make sure that the Ajaxify Widget option is set to Enabled.
  3. Go to your caching plugin’s settings page and clear its page cache.

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That 1 hour thing, did the trick.

Thank you!


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