My admin/tool bar is not working properly

Hi all

I have been using WordPress the last week and playing around with the features and it appears that my user interface isn’t working properly. I am currently using the twenty twenty theme and have full admin privileges and the only plugin I have installed is the events calendar.

When I have all plugins disabled the admin bar only has the option for ‘reader’ and viewing certain areas such as ‘users’ doesn’t work properly. Interestingly, when I activate some of the community events plugins the admin bar goes back to normal and the site works fine but when I activate them all, it goes back to only having ‘reader’.

What I can’t understand is that the interface doesn’t work correctly with zero plugins and all the plugins but it does work correctly with only a few. If anyone has had this problem before I would be very grateful for some advice as none of the help areas I’ve tried have been any help. I also have not been editing any code as I have no experience in it.



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