My Cpanel is autogenerating malware everyday. Bluehost recommends I get sitelock Prevent Plus. What are your thoughts?

Just like the title suggest. Bluehost is telling me getting SiteLock Prevent Plus plan will fix my problems. The price is quite hefty, but if it truely fixes the problem i am happy to go through with it. But upon reading online reviews, many are saying sitelock is a total scam. Please tell me your experiences and give me alternative options if you have any. I need a security option for my cpanel

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  1. Your cpanel isn’t generating malware on its own. You have a malicious script somewhere on that server. If you aren’t capable of fixing the issue then it is time to hire someone who is. That could be a company like whatever Sitelock is, or an independent consultant who will probably be at least initially cheaper and can get you cleaned up and recommend some ongoing maintenance if you don’t want to pay a retainer for them. Chances are any domains currently resolving to that server are going to be useless for any future SEO purposes.


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