Need some help understanding Whats going on with random pages being created?

Hey, so I started my first blog and created a few pages. Today I’ve noticed a few pages showing up on []( that I’m not sure how to explain. they just give me a 404 error when I click on them.

for example here is one :


Does anyone have experience with this? or know what im seeing? What can I do to remove these or stop this from happening?

  1. Not enough information here but did you or your developer by any chance use ‘nulled’ themes or plugins? If so, they could be injecting these spam articles.

    Your site could also be compromised you could try running the wordfence plugin to see if it comes up with anything on its scan. If you are hacked you will probably have to pay ~$500 to wordfence to clean it up or take all your content and wipe your site and completely rebuild your site.

    Your webhost also may be able to help with this.

  2. Your site could be hacked. This happened to me, didn’t pay much attention, and in a month I had 6000 random pages created. It was done for seo purposes for a spam website. So, look into it. Random pages shouldn’t be created automatically


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