Nested SELECT Groups are not working

We have test an other Option, it is not work with select fields.

<label>Unterkonstruktion <span style="color:#e60000;">*</span>[select* Unterkonstruktion first_as_label "wählen …" "Holzschalung" "OSB-Platten" "Vollholz" "Porenbeton" "Stahlbeton" "Trapezprofil" "Sonstiges"]</label>

[group Unterkonstruktion-Eingabe]
<label> Unterkonstruktion eingeben <span style="color:#e60000;">*</span>[text* Unterkonstruktion-Eingabe]</label>

[group Daemmung]
<label>Dämmsystem [select Daemmung first_as_label "wählen …" "Sonstiges"]</label>

[group Daemmung-Eingabe]
<label>Dämmsystem eingeben [text Daemmung-Eingabe]</label>
show [Unterkonstruktion-Eingabe] if [Unterkonstruktion] equals "Sonstiges"
show [Daemmung] if [Unterkonstruktion] equals "Sonstiges"
show [Daemmung-Eingabe] if [Daemmung] equals "Sonstiges"


The problem is that you are using the same name for your group and your field. This was never supposed to work. See All field names should be unique

In earlier versions of the plugin this didn’t lead to much problems, but it was never tested to work this was. Just rename your groups and everything should be fine.

@jules-colle thanks for this Information. Now it’s working well. Greats.


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