Nonce header stopped working wordpress post rest api


I had a working post route with nonce header in wordpress using npm. Now it only works if I comment out the nonce header. With nonce header, console returns message “(routename) not defined”. Route is recognized with nonce and WP_REST_SERVER::READABLE method, but not with POST method.

JS side:

    var updateLikes = new XMLHttpRequest(); 

    updateLikes.setRequestHeader('X-WP-Nonce', SB.nonce);

php side:

    add_action('rest_api_init', 'sbLikeRoutes');

    function sbLikeRoutes(){
       register_rest_route('SB/v1', 'manageLike' , array(
       // 'methods' => WP_REST_SERVER::READABLE,
       'methods' => 'POST',
       'callback' => 'SBPostLike'


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