1. Word is so over rated just for basic sites. Depends what permission you have to what you can edit.

  2. If you host the site on your own server account and have the admin access and password after work is done then you own the site and can do what you want.

    If the designer hosts the site and controls the admin access then he may limit your access in order to charge you for updates and redesigns.

    Just make sure you have ownership and control before you turn it over to a designer and make sure admin is returned to you at the end of the work.

  3. Whatever you do, make sure you check out the company before signing anything.
    Get everything in writing, get hosting, domains etc in your own company name.
    Only pay up to 50% deposit once you have everything agreed and in writing and have carried out due diligence.

  4. I don’t know if you can edit from wherever you want, depends on permission I guess. I’ve hired [this guy](https://ultron2000.xyz/0vt) on Fiverr. He did a great job for me, while remaining pretty cheap. He did a clean interface with working animations


This site will teach you how to build a WordPress website for beginners. We will cover everything from installing WordPress to adding pages, posts, and images to your site. You will learn how to customize your site with themes and plugins, as well as how to market your site online.

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