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@mariodehter The 6.0 update was a major update which rewrote the core plugin completely, added several new features, and a complete new interface.

Although we’ve tested for several months, and the plugin has been beta tested by 2500 users there are always configurations that are not covered in these tests, because of the large number of websites the plugin is used on. The updates were aimed at these configurations.

As the plugin is used by over 5 million websites there a lot of different hosting companies, combinations with over 50000 plugins and themes, versions of openSSL, Apache, Nginx etc. The first days after the release we have patched some of these situations quickly, leading to the 6.0.8 version 10 days ago.

After this release the speed of fixes has been lowered. The 6.0.9 release (six days ago) and the 6.0.10 (today) included some lower priority fixes in the new features as reported by users, for example:

– support upgrade from very old versions of the plugin (3)
– a different line of code to prevent code execution in the uploads folder on Apache v2.4
– setups with custom Rest API prefixes (e.g. api instead of wp-json).

For the full changelog, please see:

During normal release cycles, you can expect an update every 2-4 weeks.

If you have any questions about this, let me know.


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