phpBB Cleantalk extension triggers a MySQL error

I’m using the latest version of the Cleantalk extension for phpBB on GitHub, 5.7.5. The bug occurred during the board registration process. At the final step Cleantalk presumably does an IP check for spam. A mysqli error occurs that says only:

Data too long for column ‘config_value’ at row 1 [1406]

The column allows up to 255 characters to be stored. With no clues as to what was causing the problem, I changed the column in the phpbb_config table to 510 characters. The registration then worked.

Since I wasn’t sure what software caused the error, I checked the table for instances where the length of the field was more than 255 characters. This resulted in a row with the following values:

config_name = cleantalk_stats__requests
config_value = {“1673798527”:{“amount”:1930,”average_time”:1.5208890713558294},”1673886172″:{“amount”:1531,”average_time”:1.627344846414008},”1673972894″:{“amount”:1096,”average_time”:1.6278631802457955},”1674059612″:{“amount”:662,”average_time”:2.0316175733808315},”1674223881″:{“amount”:259,”average_time”:1.393804264805031}}

This is a bug that needs to be fixed. A relatively quick fix would be to store this information in the config_text table where the config_value is a text column allowing thousands of characters to be in the field.

Request that you fix the bug with a new version of the extension.

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