Plugin created with create-block not showing inside Editor

I’m following the documentation from WordPress Developer Resources and can’t get past this section (Get started with create-block).

Using this command to create a new block inside the WP plugins folder (wp-content/plugins) creates the new “todo-list” folder with its files inside, but the block isn’t showing up inside the Editor like the docs say.

npx @wordpress/create-block@latest todo-list

My environment at the moment is:
Firefox on Windows
Local hosting using XAMPP
WordPress 6.5.3 + 2024 theme
NPM 10.7.0
Node 20.14.0
Git 2.45.1

I re-started from scratch many times and even tried using a MacBook with MAMP or Docker but the problem is still there.

Asked a friend to try himself (Windows + Docker) and he had the same issue.

I searched on Google, YT, Stack Overflow and Reddit but I only found some people having the same problem with no solution, so I came here hoping for some help.

Am I missing something?


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