Plugin for parking sharing

This maybe a random question. In my housing association everyone askes in our facebook page if someone not using their space when they have guests over. The page overflows by requests like this so i’m looking into the possabilities to create a really simple website for this.

I have started to setup a simple wordpress page with password for the whole page. Then I would like to have 2 columns, one for “Free parkings” where it should be some kind of form with a calender for picking when the parking is free, and also type which number thats free. When someone submits it will just be in a list until the duration is over with a box by it’s side so people who would like to “pax” the space just click this, and its removes early or are marked some how.

The other column would be “request”, where it is the same kind of form but now they also need to enter email so they can get a email if someone respons on their request.

I understand there isnt a plugin for this, but maybe someone have a good idea of a plugin that can be used and a but customized for this?

Thanks for any input.


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