Plugin recommendation for business listings


I run a small professional college, and I would like to add a “Find a graduate” listing to our website (wordpress, obvs). I would like to be able to list simple information about our grads’ businesses (Grad name, business name, address, website, phone number – the basics) for customers to find them.


* It must be searchable. Ideally searchable by location – either a map or just a dropdown menu of towns/cities.
* Easy to set up. I’m no wordpress expert. I’m competent enough to install a plugin, and to know when something is beyond my skill and hire someone to do it. But for cost and efficiency reasons, we would be updating it in-house. So adding/editing listings needs to be pretty straightforward (bonus points if it’s not too time-consuming).
* Not too expensive. I’m willing to pay for something that meets my needs, but cheap or free is always better!

I’m guessing that a plugin is the best way to do this, but if there’s another way let me know.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much.



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