Plugin suggestions for kb and product info site

Hello humans, aliens, bots, and others!

I am looking for recommendations for plugins for WordPress. I am looking at setting up a website that will have quite a few articles but I would like them to be in a sort of knowledge base style sort of thing. I want to be able to categorize and search them as well.

I also want to, on the same site, have a section where it displays information about various electronics products. Lets say radio equipment. It will have the specs, pictures, info etc about the product but it is not going to be a store where things can be purchased. For this, I have seen people suggest using WooCommerce and disable the pricing / shipping part. This might be the best way but I was wondering if there is something that the people here would recommend. For this part, think of something like or [](

Maybe something like []( would work for both on the same site? Any suggestions welcome.



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