Posts don’t show on mastodon – how to debug

Sorry, that I have to say that, but it actually works as expected. Sadly Mastodon does not import old posts, they simply take the number of posts from the outbox counter.

The posts are only displayed from the moment someone follows you.

You could publish old posts if you put the permalink of that post into the search of mastodon, then it will import this post.

Oh, I missed reading “But… when I post on my blog, the feeds on Mastodon stay empty.” Have you posted something after installing the plugin or after someone followed your profile. The plugin only sends posts to followers, so if there are no, it will not send anything.

To check if it tries to federated posts, you can check the wp-cron cue, I use for that.

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@matthias Ah.. I forgot to mention:

I set up all this days ago (including following myself) – but my new post is not showing up.

And behold.. the demo effect: I post a test blog and it’s there immediately.

And suddenly the post from earlier today showed up, too.

Must have been cache?

Or maybe because I updated shortly after the publishing of the post to correct a typo.. who knows.

Anyway: thanks! Good to see it’s working, awesome work!

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I would not say it is a cache thing. The plugin uses the wp-cron to not slow down publishing, maybe the cron was not triggered properly? Do you use the default setup, a systems cron or both?


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