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I never save previous versions, as that would be a waste of space.

What is the exact issue you are facing? Maybe I can fix it for ClassicPress.

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Thank You for answering, in connection with one of my favourit WP plugin!
Really it works well, both the newest version 2.7.7, and also all the other recent versions work well. The small issue is just that this plugin officially needs WP 5.0 or later, so with ClassicPress it does not allow directly install from WP Plugins directory as “Ad plugin”; (and of the WP 4.9x I no not know whether it does allow.)
Yet, as I recently found, the latest version could be downloaded with the download link from plugin page:
And I think it can be used in real life also as latest version with CP/WP 4.9.x, or getting the version which is officially suported, with plugin WP Rollback.
I now understand, that the previous versions must be somewhere in WP servers. Just for unknown reason for me, some plugins who do offer rollback do offer also previous versions as a link from the section “Advanced”, but Your plugin does not.
I am not familiar with code; I suppose You have some reason to determine that the latest versions of Admin Menu Page Tree View do not support WP 4.9x (the last one officially supported probably was v. 2.7.1).
That the ClassicPress does not allow directly install versions not supported officially by WP 4.9x, this of course is a matter of developers of CP.

I think, I had opened this ticket, hoping that such a wonderful plugin could be more easily obtained also by these who use ClassicPress, or WP older than v. 5.0. I hope You got some useful information to continue the developing.
Maybe one more thing: When one has many pages, the tiny font of this plugin is very useful. With only some pages one probably would like to use bigger font. I got a solution for myself changing the minimum font size in one browser.
I do not know, how easy could be for You to offer changable font size with this plugin?

To add something interesting, I have 2 installs of CP v 1.4.3 and 2 of WP 6.0.2. Three of them use an older MySQL, apparently v. 5.6x. And only one of the WP installs uses the database Maria DB v.10.3. I could not find any other possible reasons that with latter this plugin uses about 3-4 times less server time and does 9 queries per page, as with the other three does 18 queries (metred with “Query Monitor”) — if I did use the right terms here. And it seems it does not depend of the version of Your plugin.

Tartu, Estonia

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Thank you, Juhan.

I have lowered the required version of the plugin to 4.9, so you can now install it directly.

This plugin does not have previous versions, as I am not using tags. I feel they are a waste of space. I also fix issues pretty quickly, so I don’t think older versions are of any use.

Regarding your font suggestion, I am working on another plugin to make the sidebar wider, and I might apply the same code in this plugin, and also increase the font size just a bit.


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